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Wuhan GDW-Brocoo Pneumatic Technique Co. Ltd



there were five employees at that time. The company sold some GD’s equipments successfully for the first time, including LAMSON which were applied in metallurgy industry, and the company became the agent of GDW in China in this year. 



Company developed gradually, and the number of the employees went up to 12. The application of the products was extended into other industries, moreover the sales of the company were increasing times as before.



Sales were soaring , and technical team pattern had been basically formed. After passing the foreign economic and customs department audit, the company obtained the import and export right. In the same year, after getting through the review of GDW , our company became the exclusive agent in China .



The development direction of the company realized qualitative change and the company turned into an engineering company from a trade company. A perfect after-sales service team was preliminary established and technical force was continually enhanced. Wisco silicon steel ring furnace ii project which our company took part in obtained China's top awards for engineering design and construction-Luban prize. Wisco silicon steel ring furnace ii project gain China's independent intellectual property rights .



The company passed through the assessment of GD Nash , and was authorized by GD PTC and could sell the products together with GD Nash ( China )at the same time. The company expanded the investment of fixed assets, purchased new office and a complete set of workshop. In this year, Hanmiao sewage project which our company took part in obtained China's top awards for engineering design and construction-Luban prize



The company was authorized by GDS formally, and sale area was expanded to Taiwan province.


The company carried out strategic development layout . The company planned to employ more sellers, strengthen the power of technology and commerce and accomplish the sale aim of the whole year. The number of the employees increased to 28 . The company purchased the new localization experience base and planned to Complete the flagship product of domestic complete and application promotion .


Our company strengthened market development and business scope had expanded to multiple area, including metallurgy, spinning, gas conveying and separation, chemical. In the same year, our company established new strategic cooperative relations with international famous carbon black company-CSRC.



Our company had it’s first ten years .Internally , our company perfected commerce and technology process system and organization construction ,strengthened the team strength. At the same time, our company continued to consolidate and expand the market and opened the new field of sludge treatment industry and established preliminary relations of cooperation with Haikou will ya.



On the one hand , our company constantly enhanced the technical level of it’s team ; on the other hand, our company embarked on research and development of complete sets of localization of GD multistage centrifugal fan and BL compressor.



Streamline the company organization, and rebuild management process of the company. In the meanwhile, the company consolidates and develops sales performance and makes progress in sludge treatment, power plant desulfurization industry. The business expanded to Thailand, Algeria and other places.



Set up standardization system engineering workshop and professional product technology department was established on the basis of original technology commerce department   Deepen the localization of a complete set of product research and development .Combined with the characteristics of current industry, our company focus on the market of compressor application industry and make new progress in glass bottles and paper industry. Besides, our company is also confident to develop drilling equipment, oil and shale gas exploit markets.