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Wuhan GDW-Brocoo Pneumatic Technique Co. Ltd was established in 2002, and is the only office of Gardner Denver Wittig in China. Since 2006, the company has become the sales organization of Gardner Denver Schopfheim , in charge of technical support, sales promotion, after –sales services of GDS pneumatic products in China and market development ,industry application of related products.


GDW is the biggest manufacturer of professional pneumatic equipment in the world, including blowers, compressors and vacuum pumps . As early as 70’s in the last century, GDW’s pneumatic products started to serve in China, and at that time GDW provided a complete set of pneumatic equipment for the 170 centimeter rolling mill production line with the world leading level in WISCO( Wuhan Iron and Steel Group ) . We are continuing to provide complete pneumatic equipment and professional technical support for production renovation projects of WISCO since our company is established.


GDS has many product lines. Combined with the development features of China’s industry technology, the application range of it’s engineering and mobile products is very wide. For example, centrifugal blower, roots blower, rotary vane gas compressor, rotary vane pump and other products can be applied in ventilation exhaust , air supply, air compression, gas compression, gas transmission, vacuum supply and other projects and mobile car field .In the meanwhile, we are very good at making systematic engineering plan for different process and industry, and we can continually provide more scientific and reasonable professional application support for our customers.


Our company has been committed to the mutual development of enterprises and employees since it is established, and always take the talents cultivation as the fundamental cornerstone of enterprise development . We are always adhering to our principals : working with full enthusiasm, enjoying making progress together with the company; making efforts to create best results, more broadly development for the company ; clear one’s own responsibility, overcoming difficulties bravely; willing to make selfless dedication for customers ,only for more honor.


Until now, with the whole team unremitting efforts , we have applied the advanced technology in Metallurgy, Power, Spinning, Gas conveying and separation, Chemical industry, Paper making, Glass industry, WWTP and so on. In our future development, we've got the vision extends to the sustainable development of global cooperation of cnooc, oil and other energy industries . Through constant practice and innovation in the professional field , We are committed to act as

experts in vacuum and pressure application and to cast a new definition of quality with the most sincere service and dedication ,which will be dedicated to our customers.